Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown

Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown
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Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown

Choosing the best crown can be an overwhelming process especially when you need one immediately. Here are some simple tips we’ve compiled to help you in discerning whether you need one or not, and to help you choose the most applicable dental crown for your teeth.

Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown

Dental crowns protect the teeth from further damage

TIP 1. Know if you really need a crown.

Dental crowns are used if you plan to have implants placed and if you have old crowns that need new ones. If your problem is cracked, decayed teeth and you just had a root canal, then you might also consider them. Dental crowns have a lot of functions and you have to be sure you definitely need them – because it may turn out that you may need other dental restorations similar to the function of crowns (such as veneers).

TIP 2. The “best” type of dental crown is the one that definitely matches your needs.

There are 5 types of crowns namely, gold, porcelain, zirconia, ceramic, or porcelain- fused-to-metal (PFM). Do your own research and quiz your dentist and on the type of crown that you need. Let their opinion guide you in choosing the most applicable crown. But just in case you doubt what your dentist says, sometimes it’s safer that you get a second opinion from another dentist.

TIP 3. Consider gold crowns for your back teeth or molars.

In terms of durability, all metal crowns like gold crowns are the most durable type of crowns. Because they are 100% metal, they don’t chip, crack or break (unlike porcelain ones). Another good quality they possess is its biocompatibility. However, the only disadvantage of a gold crown is its color or appearance, but if it’s placed as a molar, then it isn’t a drawback.

Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown

Have your crowns placed by a licensed dentist.

TIP 4. All-porcelain crowns make an excellent choice for upper front teeth.

One of the reasons why most patients choose all porcelain crowns is because they project life-like results hence these crowns replace our upper front teeth. Consider other dental crowns (such as gold crowns, PFMs) when replacing your lower front teeth (bicuspids) and molars.

TIP 5. PFM crowns are also a great choice for back teeth.  

Since they’re a cross between an all-metal and all porcelain dental crowns, they share the same advantages and disadvantages – starting off with durability. PFM crowns are a very strong choice to replace our back teeth. Aside from that, they produce the same cosmetic effect as all porcelain type of crowns. However, they have disadvantages. When your gumline recedes, the underlying metal edges may appear and spoil your teeth’s appearance especially if the crowns are located at the front. Another known disadvantage is that portions of the crown’s porcelain covering may chip off.

Tips in Choosing the Best Dental Crown

The cosmetic appearance of your teeth matters! Hide teeth imperfections with dental crowns.

TIP 6. Don’t forget to compare costs.

There are a lot of dental clinics in Mexico that can create a custom dental crown for you. In Los Algodones, the cost of a single dental crown ranges $160$600 depending on the materials used. The cheapest dental crowns can cost $160 per crown and if you need an abutment to come with it, it will cost you $300 Another destination you can visit to have your crowns fixed is Tijuana. All porcelain crowns can cost at $200, $265 and $338 while E-max ceramic crowns are $365. Zirconium crowns in Tijuana cost the most at $465.

If you want a total treatment bundle, there is also a Best Dental Crown package you can avail in Mexico!  This package lets you choose from a PFM crown that costs $160 for a single crown or an E-max that starts at $300. Aside from the cost of crowns, the package also includes your hotel accommodation at Hacienda Los Algodones (which costs $30 per night exclusive ONLY for dental patients), your transportation from the airport to the clinic and back, and a FREE shuttle service between the hotel and clinic.

Have your dental crowns placed in Los Algodones and Tijuana so you can save on costs and enjoy an exotic vacation at the same time! Just click the button below to get a quote!

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