What To Do Before Renting a Car in Mexico

What To Do Before Renting a Car in Mexico
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What To Do Before Renting a Car in Mexico

Renting a car for your trip in Mexico can offer you the flexibility that other means of transport cannot especially when you decide to avail of health procedures on border cities like Los Algodones, Mexicali, Tijuana and Tecate.

But before deciding to rent one, you need to do your homework. Here are some things you need to know before renting a car in any Mexican City like Los Algodones.

1. Mexican colonial towns are best explored on foot. However, renting a car is a good idea if you are touring a region or city and you need to jump from city to city without being tied up with public transportation schedules.

2. It is best to rent a car from the city or town you are based, so when using the vehicle, you could exhaust your day trips and explore scenic attractions and rural areas.

3.Take note of usual car rental requirements:

  • Most car rental companies require that the driver of the vehicle being rented is at least 25 years of age and have held a full driving license for 2-5 years.
  • You must have a valid credit card before you could rent a car. This is because car rental companies pre-authorize an amount from your credit card before they will allow you to rent one.
  • You need a current and valid driver’s license showing your name (printed in Western characters) and photograph. If you have documents written in Japanese, Chinese, or Russian, it’s advised that you acquire an international driver’s license from your home country.
What To Do Before Renting a Car in Mexico

Your List On What To Do Before Renting a Car in Mexico

4. Terms of car rentals vary from different companies. However, the important details to take note are your liabilities in the event of a total loss or accident of the vehicle.

5. Car rental rates vary from car rental companies. Usually, the longer you rent the car, the cheaper your daily rate will total. Discounts begin when you rent for 3, 7, 14, 21, 30 days and up. However, these discounts also depend if its peak season.

6. It’s better to rent a car in Mexico through booking online, so you can avail of lower prices and better deals rather than showing up at the counter when you arrive at the airport or hotel.

7. Carefully inspect the car before signing the exit form. Also, make sure the form documents all existing damages. Include any other damages not mentioned on the form.

8. When inspecting your car, also check it’s underside before driving it. Road surface holes can damage a car’s underside and car rental companies are definite in inspecting the vehicle upon its return.

9. In case you did not avail of a full covered insurance from the agency and upon its return, the inspector found any damage; your credit card will be charged a fixed damages fee, as agreed on the rental terms.

10. If a third-party policy was used (e.g. a credit card or personal insurance policy), and upon inspection, there are damages to the vehicle, you may be charged. Worry not because your credit card or insurance company will reimburse it later on.

If you have questions about renting a car on your dental trip to Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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