Why You Need a Mexican Car Insurance

Why You Need a Mexican Car Insurance
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Why You Need a Mexican Car Insurance

Since January 1, 2012, the state of Baja (Norte) made it a mandatory regulation that all vehicles entering Mexico need to carry a proof of Mexican liability insurance. Only underwritten Mexican Car Insurances will be recognized by Mexican authorities.  Sad to say Canadian or US Car Insurance will not be recognized by Mexican authorities. And, it will not cover physical damages or theft to your motor vehicle while you are in Mexico.

Why You Need a Mexican Car Insurance

You need a Mexican Car Insurance before traveling to Mexico

That’s why before you travel to Mexico; you need to purchase a Mexican Car Insurance! You can purchase it online in a matter of minutes. It is better than not having insurance – not having one is a liability itself. There may be a possibility that you may be prevented from leaving Mexico even if you will require medical care that might save your life.

When you purchase Mexican Insurance Coverage, the insurance covers wherever you drive in Mexico. There are two kinds of Mexican Car Insurances you can avail when you travel to Mexico for dental care: Full Coverage and Liability Only. What is the different between the two kinds?


  • Legal assistance
  • Medical assistance for the driver and passengers
  • Theft and physical damages coverage for your vehicle
  • Third party liability coverage (damages you have caused to others)
  • Travel and road assistance (including medical evacuation)

LIABILITY ONLY includes: every detail mentioned above EXCEPT physical damages and theft coverage for your vehicle.

When securing Mexican Car Insurance, it is advised that you avail of a Full Coverage that includes road side assistance, and a third party liability amounting up to USD $300,000 (minimum). Purchasing insurance usually costs USD $30-50 for 3 days depending on the insurance company.

Before you avail of one, most car insurance carriers will require you to submit the following:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate – to show proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • Driving license number – an international driving permit is not required.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)it is the vehicle’s identity. The VIN provides a vehicle’s background, including the model year, its manufacturer, model year, and the location it was built.

You can access online insurance companies that can provide full coverage both for foreign and US-owned motor vehicles. Some companies include:

  • Adventure Mexican Insurance Coverages
  • Mex Insure
  • Baja Bound
  • Sanborns

If you have questions regarding purchasing a Mexican Car Insurance for your travel to Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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